GEMJI as seen on Yanko Design

by Marketing TeamNovember 30, 2020No Comments
Yanko Design

A milestone for the team was seeing our work getting featured on Yanko Design!

You’ve probably have seen their content on the internet especially if you are passionate about design! We are talking about one of the biggest online magazines covering stories about innovative products and design solutions! 

And we just wanted to share with you some of the key characteristics Sarang Sheth - an industrial designer and storyteller pointed out in his article about GEMJI! Reading about how others see the GEMJI system, their thoughts and ideas are super exciting for us.

Here is a little citation to give you a sneak-peek 

“ far two of its most impressive features are that A. it’s incredibly tactile and provides great audio feedback with the magnetic clicks, making it one of the only games that’s designed keeping visually impaired players in mind, and B. the absence of any language/text and the purely symbolic nature of the GEMJI makes it easy to play with children as well as with people who speak different languages! “

So here’s a link to the full article:

We continue to work hard on GEMJI. Like the system itself we keep evolving and getting better. So if you are interested in learning more about our current projects and ideas or wish to feature us in your media, you can send us an email to . Talk to you soon!

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