Dive into the community! The online forum is alive.

by Marketing TeamDecember 7, 2020No Comments

🎉 This is a short post to announce that we are releasing an online community forum! We are super happy and want you to be part of it! 

We created this forum because we wanted it to be a place for all GEMJI players who are willing to participate in the development of the tabletop game system. This is a project we want to work on together as a camaraderie, to congregate, collaborate, discuss, and share ideas. Our goal is to unlock the system's potential together, invent new games, and all of this while having fun and great discussions over meaningful topics. 

So let us briefly explain what is waiting for you in the forum and what to expect. 

Access: Everyone who has signed on www.gemji.com can actively post in the forum, share information, offer feedback and opinion, ask questions and of course, connect and network with other members.  

Content-wise the forum will try to inspire discussions that will help you learn and understand games, create new ones, and collect feedback on existing games that can become better. As you probably know, creating a rule book with different games is more tuff than it sounds. So if you have any questions or ideas about other games and how to clarity or develop the rules, you can search the topic in the forum and share your thoughts with the rest. 

Creating new games, naming them, and sharing the rules with the others is exciting because you will get direct feedback and probably a couple of enthusiasts to play online. Get excited, let your ideas flow! You finally have a place to meet people who are willing to help you out and play your new game! 

Sign in with your account or simply create one - it takes less than a minute to come to join us! We aim to create a safe and respectful place where all GEMJI enthusiasts can get together to talk about games, share experiences, and support each other! 

If you want to be part of this community, join us at: https://forum.gemji.com/

See you there! 

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