GEMJI as a company gift

GEMJI could be the perfect company gift for your company:

• Great fit both for adults & kids
• New & rare product
• Innovative product
• Hyper versatile (30+ board games, building games, fidget, prototyping tool, etc.)
• Pleasant to touch
• Compact (fits in a pocket)
• Visually impaired friendly

GEMJI company gift logo placement preview

We could offer multiple levels of branding both for the Mini Set & the Original Set.
Here are the main ones:

1. Replace the GEMJI logo on the main tile with your company's logo
MOQ for the Mini Set is 100 sets
MOQ for the Original Set is 50 boxes

2. Full customization:
• Your logo on the main tile
• Your logo on the box
• Your logo on the game board
• Your logo on the rulebook
• Your logo on the pouch
MOQ for Original Set is 600 boxes

If you are interested in this branding opportunity - don't hesitate to contact us.