GEMJI Print & Play version [PDF Download]

by Mark RalevOctober 12, 2020No Comments

The Print & Play (PnP) versions of the board games are already a benchmark in the industry. You download a file, print it, cut it and eventually glue it. PnP versions are used for play-test purposes as well as to deliver some game experience to those who could not afford to buy the game itself.

That being said, we want to provide a PDF file for you to print and play, but also to remind you that GEMJI is NOT like the rest 99.9% of board games (tabletop games) which are printed on cardboard. GEMJI is manufactured from ABS and has multiple magnets inside each game chip. So the game experience will be nothing like playing with the original set, but it should serve well for developing and designing new GEMJI games.

Here's the current Print & Play version of GEMJI (v.2020.10.12):

Once you print the game, you should check if the chips are 3x3cm - because this is the original size and it will NOT be comfortable to play if the chips are much smaller or much bigger than this (due to the different print settings of the different home printers).

Rules for the games could be found in the Games Archive Page.
Your comments are appreciated as usual. We strive to make GEMJI the best tabletop game framework out there, so we will continue to improve the system, the game rules, and the site.

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