GEMJI Platform Beta Release + Video walkthrough

by Mark RalevOctober 6, 2020No Comments

Hi friends!

In order to better explain all the games - we opened the online platform for beta users & early backers. Go ahead and take a look at our games & 3D build models at, or just watch the platform walk-through video attached below [2:30 min].

Being in Beta means that many bugs are possible, but we will work hard to improve these during the next few weeks and add more content & games.

Special shout-out to my talented colleagues Sami & Zlatko, who have spent a lot of extra web development hours in order to keep the deadlines!

Thank you for your support.

I truly believe that someday you will brag "I was one of the first to back GEMJI!" 😉

Together we change not only the way we play - but the future as well!

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