Here are the GEMJI Skins - characters, RPG textures & more

by Mark RalevOctober 6, 2020No Comments

The GEMJI tiles are ultra minimalistic and build to become a classic. 

That being said, we are aware that many people do not feel comfortable in an abstract environment. So we came up with the idea of the GEMJI Skins:

The GEMJI Skins are currently made from ultra-slim metal. The prototypes are laser-engraved, but we plan to produce printed skins as well - either direct print or with a sticker.

In the true GEMJI easy setup spirit - the metal skins snap like a breeze (because yes - they are metal and magnets love metal). Imagine having your own character, your name-letter, or your RPG texture as a magnetic tile - it's awesome, right? 🙂

  • Metal skins are an important part of the GEMJI future because they are not only a customization tool and an option to create game expansions, but also a tool to create new games in general. The goal is for game designers to create new GEMJI games and sell their own artwork through the platform. Skins will be officially introduced in 2021, but we are already discussing the possibilities with different illustrators. What do you think about the skins?

To see extra images of the skins - please go to the campaign and scroll down near the end.

Btw - we are already 300% funded and we are changing the future together. 

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