Update 05.2021 (revised 07.2021)
Thank you for asking this one all the time.
Your interest really means the world to us!

Currently, there are no GEMJI sets for sale.
We are approaching the final phase of delivering all the crowdfunding sets from the Kickstarter & IndieGoGo campaign. With this, we hope that we'll have about 800 early adopters of the game, who could share their feedback and show potential investors how cool the game is (social media, etc.) 🙂
If everything is according to the plan (no new pandemic waves and no crazy price fluctuations of the raw materials) - we will invest in ramping up the production and will generate retail quantities for the Xmas Season 2021.
So stay tuned!

OK, but how can I get a GEMJI Set?
Please follow us on social channels and revisit the site in a few months.
We'll try everything that is possible to meet the demand and generate retail quantities of the game but keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and materials shortages are still a huge production barrier.

Stay safe & keep playing,
Mark Ralev
Inventor of GEMJI


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