GEMJI is a tabletop game engine of 70 magnetic tiles, that gives you the freedom to play multiple games. Currently, we start with over 30 games and 7 building models. Games include original titles developed by the GEMJI team, educational games, and popular classic game adaptations.


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Precision and design meet in each tile. Its features & modularity make it an extremely versatile building block for exploring new game concepts & entertainment moments.
The GEMJI Original Set Box includes 70 magnetic tiles, a playing board, travelling pouch, and rulebooks with 21 games & building instructions for 7 constructions.

The GEMJI game board is an accessory that helps you build your own games, or assists you with visualizing the setup of the existing games. The board is divided into several sections and can hold a maximum of 70 Gemji tiles in a 7 by 10 grid.

The GEMJI travelling pouch can be used to transport all the tiles in your pocket, as well as to draw out tiles when playing different games.
Hi! We are the game lovers that created the heart and brains of GEMJI. It was an exciting adventure to bring GEMJI to Life. Now it’s up to you to unlock the universe of possibilities.
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The GEMJI intellectual property has been registered internationally.
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