VIP Weekend with the GEMJI Inventor

Are you looking for new exquisite ways to entertain your family and your guests in your mansion or boat?
If yes - this gig is just for you!

Book an exclusive private weekend for your family and friends with the GEMJI Inventor - Mark Ralev.
Mark will bring you 10 Original GEMJI Sets of the most versatile physical board game system in the world and will entertain you for 2 days playing all the GEMJI games with you. He will also share personal stories about the creation of the games and many more exciting details about the design and the startup world.

One-time fee: 19 895 euro

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Everything is included:

+ Mark's travel expenses to any destination in the world
+ Mark's local accommodation & transportation
+ 10 boxes of Original GEMJI Sets
+ Exclusive Collector's Item

Why spoil yourself?

  • Entertain yourself & your guests with something extraordinaire they haven't seen
  • Invest in experiences, not objects
  • You and your kids will learn something new
  • Challenge your mind like never before
  • Support an innovative and transformative cause

Why GEMJI is so special?

  • It's the toy of the future
  • It's a limited-edition game system
  • It's brand new, and just a few people in the world own it
  • It's a timeless mind-challenge piece
  • If used the right way - it makes people happier and unlocks new creative potential

This gig is tailored for hnwi, public figures, business people and design afficionados who understand the importance of being patrons of the innovation. All funds will go towards developing the project further.

Once the fee is paid - Mark will get back to you ASAP to sync the rest of the details for the VIP GEMJI Weekend.

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