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Is GEMJI a game or a STEAM educational tool?

It's both.
Mark (the inventor) believes in learning through play.
More people play board games, so we communicate the system as a board game system in most of the social channels, but GEMJI is designed as a Learn & Play framework from day one. A teacher in mathematics could explain many concepts with the unique magnetic tiles; an art teacher could build many models, and so on.
The system is created in a way that allows infinite possibilities for teaching and playing. Multiple educational experts have already confirmed this.

Who is GEMJI for?

• Gamers who enjoy abstract board games
• Educators who want to use alternative tools in their classes
• Concerned parents who want to provide an original, innovative toy
• Parents who need some portable analog entertainment for their family
• People who want to spend less time in front of computer screens
• Fidget fans who will appreciate a premium tactile experience
• Visually impaired people who want to do something with people who see (GEMJI is one of the few activities in the world that could be enjoyed by the two groups simultaneously)
• Paraplegic people who have difficulties playing with both hands
• Designers & architects who want to prototype rapidly
• Art collectors who want to have a versatile interior gadget (see all non-game purposes)

What is a board game system?

A Board Game System means that you can play more than one game with a single set. For example, a deck of cards is a game system that could be played by one or more people and has easy games for kids (like War) and complex games for adults (like Bridge). GEMJI is a new-generation magnetic game system that gives you even more freedom. GEMJI enables you to play diverse games in 2D & 3D depending on your mood, your company, your interests, your progress level, and your time slot.

How does the online platform function?

The GEMJI website serves as a platform containing all the games created up to date divided into different categories depending on the number of players, the time they would like to spend, the difficulty level as well as the game category.

Can I suggest a game or a 3D model?

Members can suggest new games and 3D-building models by filling out the proposition form available on the website. Our team reviews every proposition sent by an authorized user. We connect with the game author to sync our work and create visuals to better illustrate and explain the game rules. Your account name will be used in the “author” section, and you can decide how to name your game.

Could you explain more about the Playing Board?

The playing board is a non-compulsory accessory.
It's good to have, but not a must.
It serves 2 main purposes:
1) to create a grid for playing for some of the games (some people need more visual ques)
2) to prevent the tiles from scratching

Currently, the board is with the size of A4, divided into squares, equal to the size of the tiles. The color is black and the helplines are white. The plan is to make it grey or silver in order to improve the contrast of the tiles. Now the black side of the tiles is blending in some of the game scenarios.

The future of the Playing Board is magnetic as well. Either metal, so that the tiles could attach easily or made from magnetic foil.

Is GEMJI a hand-made item?

Yes, GEMJI is manufactured by hand in the European Union.
A single Original GEMJI Set has more than 500 magnets and 140 tile covers that are combined manually in a unique way.

What is GEMJI made of?

GEMJI is made of high-grade ABS of European quality, 100% recyclable.
This is the same material the most famous building blocks are made of.
The magnets are the best in the industry, also used for electric motors (for cars and other vehicles).

With your help and purchase support - we aim to develop the product further by testing many more eco-friendly materials just introduced to the industry. Including bio-degradable plastics and other experimental components.

Why GEMJI is so special?

Think of it as an iOS platform where different apps could be run.
On your iPhone, you can play hundreds of games. The same goes for GEMJI - with your set of 70 tiles, you could play hundreds of games, but we start with 30+ games and 10+ building models.
Once you buy your GEMJI - it becomes better and better because we introduce new things that you could do with it. How cool is that? 🙂

Is GEMJI suitable for the visually impaired people?

GEMJI is the first game system in the world specially designed to accommodate people with all levels of vision. It is also one of the few things in the world that visually impaired people can do together with people with regular vision.
This is achieved in three main ways - tactility, mechanics, and sound. The tiles are tactile and can be read only with a single touch. The power of magnets helps them stay fixed on the playing surface when touched. The tiles do not produce any sound by themselves, but a unique clipping sound indicates they fit together. This combination makes the game suitable for visually impaired people, too.

What are the physical dimensions of each tile for height, width, and length?

The dimensions are 30x30x3mm.

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