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The time has come for a new tabletop game experience. Take the next step. 

Discover GEMJI

A multi-functional game system with built-in magnets that fits in your pocket and meets all your desires.

A tabletop game engine to play over 30 original games, amuse yourself with a minimalistic adaptation of your favorite classic games and create your own. 

A magnetic constructor to build your dreams. No matter if it’s a 2D or a 3D shape, you got it!

A fidget to relax, because taking care of your inner peace is just as important as growing your creativity.
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The Legend

The legend says that in the year 2349 an adventurous young man hacked into the head of a Gemji prince - the most secretive and thriving high-class caste, unveiling a very well-kept secret.

He stumbled upon a mysterious board game system that they used to train their children with. Once the hacker reconstructed the seemingly simple game, he discovered that it is a powerful tool for learning various life concepts.

The children who played and learned through this framework became wiser, stronger and more capable, helping the nation become the most powerful on Earth. Nowadays this “game” is known simply as GEMJI. The hacker changed the future once, now it’s your turn.
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The Reality

Like playing cards, but it’s magnetic tiles. Play original games, emulations of popular and ancient ones, and create your own. Everything fits in your pocket.
3D Builder

Hitori Puzzle | 5

Age: 7+
Players: 1
Difficuty: 7/10
Duration: 1-30 mins

GEMJI Ur | 4.5

Age: 6+
Players: 2
Difficuty: 4/10
Duration: 30 mins

Master Perry | 4.8

Age: 7+
Players: 2
Difficuty: 5/10
Duration: 20-45 mins

GEMJI Vault | 4.4

Age: 8+
Players: 2-4
Difficuty: 7/10
Duration: 20-40 mins

GEMJI Dog | 4.8

Difficuty: 3/10
Building Time: 5-15 mins

GEMJI Castle | 4.7

Difficuty: 2/10
Building Time: 5-15 mins

GEMJI Cybertruck | 4.4

Difficuty: 5/10
Building Time: 10-15 mins

GEMJI Pistol | 4.4

Difficuty: 2/10
Building Time: 5-10 mins

Modular Rpg Map

Build your Dungeons & Dragons map.

Pocker Chips

Use Gemji as a Pocker Chips .


What is a board game system?

A game system is like an analog version of a game engine. Created to serve as a self-sufficient system, it can easily adapt and interpret multiple classical and ancient games, as well as create new ones, using only the assets contained in the set. This way the system enables you to play diverse games depending on your mood, your company, your interests, and the difficulty level.

What is the lifespan of the GEMJI set?

Over the past 4 years, we’ve made dozens of prototypes and tested different materials to come up with the perfect formula. The tiles are made of high-quality ABS. We’ve chosen this material because it can easily be molded, sanded, and shaped, while it’s surface finish can stay glossy after dyed in color. Inside the tiles, we’ve encrusted polarized magnets to protect them from falling apart and getting lost. We can firmly say that you can enjoy playing with the GEMJI tiles for years ahead

How does the platform function?

The GEMJI website serves as a platform containing all the games created up to date divided into different categories depending on the number of players, the time they would like to spend, the difficulty level as well as the game category.

Can I suggest a game?

Members can suggest new games by filling the proposition form available on the website. Our team reviews every proposition sent by an authorized user. We get in touch with the game author to sync our work and create visuals to better illustrate and explain the game rules. Your account name will be used in the “author” section and you can decide how to name your game.

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GEMJI Print & Play version [PDF Download]

You will find a Print & Play PDF version of GEMJI on this page. Please, keep in mind that this version is for game design purposes.

Here are the GEMJI Skins - characters, RPG textures & more

The GEMJI Skins are currently made from ultra-slim metal. The prototypes are laser-engraved, but we plan to produce printed skins as well - either direct print or with a sticker.

GEMJI Platform Beta Release + Video walkthrough

In order to better explain all the games - we opened the online platform for beta users & early backers. Go ahead and take a look at our games & 3D build models.

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